Mega Communications

Team Technology & Research

Team Development
Application Development with PHP and Zend Framework

The web-developing team places all developments on a MVC model under a PHP with a Zend Framework. This guarantees a high degree of flexibility for the development, security and performance. Additionally, web pages are developed as barrier free and W3C correspondent to current standards as per CSS 2.0 and dynamic content by means of AJAX. Of course, this is Browser and Cross-System compatible. In the face of so much technology, we have specially formed a small team of experienced web designers who provide our web-developing team with fresh and contemporarily designed layouts for all projects.

Development Technology & Research
Developing and Research in Our In-House Hardware Lab

Our team for technology & research is composed of experts on computer hardware and Linux specialists who work hand in hand and around-the-clock and are surrounded with the systems and the hardware, in-depth debate and constant research, learning and are greatly interested in pursuing the newest developments. For the topic of research, we have set up a special Hardware Lab for our company system engineers where all conceivable developments and environments are tested on virtual machines with regard to tracking down and eliminating weak spots within the productive operations.

Das Hardware-Team arbeitet eng mit dem IVR-Systemprogrammierern zusammen.